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Wheelio is a revolutionary vehicle listing platform with an intentional focus on a simply beautiful user experience.  We’re building the future of automobile acquisition based on our Seven Guiding Principles.


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Our 7 Guiding Principles

  1. WHEELIO STRIVES to list every available car for sale.
  2. WHEELIO CREATES THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE for listing and finding a vehicle for sale. Search strives to be the fastest and easiest experience featuring all of the information necessary to find your perfect car.
  3. WHEELIO DOESN’T PLAY FAVORITES: NO Sponsored Listings, NO Price Guide, NO Offer of Paid Similar Listings. Wheelio does not feature display advertising to ruin your fluid experience, or compete with your listings.Wheelio does not contain biased buyer’s guides.
  4. WHEELIO IS YOUR FRIEND. We love consumers and dealers alike, and refuse to play favorites. We don’t tell you how to buy a car, nor do we tell you how to sell it. We will not “nickel and dime.”
  5. WHEELIO EMPOWERS OUR TEAMS to make great things because they are part of our family, while our customers are our friends. We listen and welcome feedback from anyone.
  6. WHEELIO GIVES BACK TO THE COMMUNITY with philanthropic initiatives to help those in need while doing what’s best for the environment and the world.
  7. WHEELIO CONTINUES TO INNOVATE by always looking forward, doing what’s right, and treating our customers, end users, and affiliates well.

Why We Feel Different About Dealers

We ♥️ dealers who care about customers.

Wheelio is a feature rich, easy to use, and inventory packed online car listing platform that makes the process of searching for and buying cars a true revolution in transportation acquisition. Because of our commitment to dealers, end-users get a better experience. We will never circumvent the consumers path to your inventory or try to control your pricing.
You can trust that we’ll never do anything to compromise your dealer business.

  • WE BELIEVE dealers have over 120 years of experience selling cars–we don’t want to change that.
  • WE DON’T LOVE dealers being told what to do—we won’t ever circumvent dealers or provide the consumer car buying advice that disuades from buying the vehicle that interests them.
  • WE DON’T DIG ad-supported platforms because they ruin the user experience—we’ll never display-advertise another product on any of your listings.
  • WE COMPLETELY DISAGREE with how “the other guys” tell dealers how to do their job—we promise to empower dealers to do what they do best… sell cars.
  • WE ARE SIMPLY A SERVICE to match people to cars.

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© 2020-2022 Wheelio Inc. All Rights Reserved.